Everything's Brilliant In Leeds


The Guardian has a nice feature on the up-and-coming bands in Leeds, including ATYMS favourites Duels (anyone who does not have Potential Futures in heavy rotation is subject to immediate investigation and possible court martial).

"Britpop was a musical awakening for us," says Duels singer Jon Foulger, a sharp, thoughtful young man obsessed with lost jewels of British pop such as the Pretty Things' SF Sorrow album and 1960s-era David Bowie. "That was the time we discovered those bands and went back to that music." Duels have also inherited Britpop and Mod's sense of glamour, attending rehearsals in suits and - for keyboardist Katherine Botterill - skirts and fishnets. "You have to live it, don't you?" asks bassist Jon Maher. "We were at a festival and saw this bunch of blokes in T-shirts. Then just before they went on stage they put suits on and 'became' Interpol. I was a bit disappointed by that."

Of the other bands highlighted, the most promising appear to be The Lodger, who are described as "a more bitter and twisted Housemartins, or early James," and The Research, a "West Yorkshire Beach Boys."


Jamie Reid's Dirty Linen

Jamie Reid, the artist who designed the iconic sleeves for The Sex Pistols' Never Mind the Bollocks album and God Save the Queen 7" single (recently voted the best record cover of all time by Q Magazine), has now created a line of bedding called Dirty Linen, featuring his famous Fuck Forever design. Duvet covers are available in Black, Pink, Brown and Blue, and pillowcases are available in Black, Pink, Brown/Orange, Brown and Blue. Pillowcases are £25 each, and duvet covers start at £100. Signed pillowcases are also available for a paltry £250. The full Dirty Linen line is available online here.


Art Brut in New York

Art Brut, who grace the cover of the new issue of Rolling Stone (in Germany), are apparently playing the Mercury Lounge on November 10. Better late than never.


Songs Of The Summer (So Far)

1. Kooks "Eddie's Gun"

2. Wir Sind Helden "Nur Ein Wort"

3. Hot Hot Heat "Middle of Nowhere"

4. Magic Numbers "Long Legs"

5. Morning Runner "Gone Up In Flames"

What am I missing?

Not So Special Mew Single


The good news:

The new Mew single, the second to be released from their forthcoming album, will be released on September 12. The song, which is entitled Special, is already available on the UK version of iTunes. You can stream the video here.

The not-so-good news:

What had been the greatest band in the world for the last few years, eclipsing even the mighty Libertines, appears to have fallen into mediocrity. I'm still cautiously optimistic that the new album will be good, but if Apocalypso and Special are the two best tracks, we are in trouble.

The latest interview with the once great band is available here. Of particular interest is the revelation that Dinosaur Jr. frontman J. Mascis lends his backing vocals to new song Why Are You Looking Grave?


Your Belated Pete Doherty Fix

The many faces of the great Pete Doherty...

1) Pete the Musician

Following the cancellation of the Babyshambles tour, a no-show for its opening slot on the Oasis tour, and reports that Pete had fired both his manager and the other three members of Babyshambles, there had been considerable speculation that Babyshambles was going the way of the Libertines. The rumoured split centered on "concerns" about Pete's relationship with Kate Moss, and arguments about the record company remixing the band's new single F**k Forever. These rumours have been temporarily put to rest, however, with the band's surprise reformation at the Underground Club in Stoke last week. A fan present at the gig was quoted by the NME as saying, "It was pretty f**king awesome. It was only two quid to get in, they came on three times, I got covered in beer, Pete didn't seem too wrecked and there was a guy dressed up as Max Carlish standing right behind me." Still no news about whether the band's tour will be rescheduled any time soon. In the meantime, F**k Forever (the remixed version) is set for release in the UK on August 15, followed by second single Albion on September 26, and the band's debut album on October 10. Full story here and here.

Meanwhile, Liam Gallagher swears Pete and Babyshambles will never support Oasis again after pulling a no-show on tour. Full story here.

2) Pete the Junkie Lover

Pete was allegedly dumped by girlfriend Kate Moss a few weeks ago after he fell into another drug-fueled frenzy. As a parting gift, Kate has reportedly offered to buy Pete a £15,000 anti-heroin implant. Full story here.

Even former Moss flame Johnny Depp has stepped into the fracas and said that Pete needs to get his act together. Full story here.

3) Pete the Shambolic Live 8 Performer

Meanwhile, the fallout from Pete's less than stellar performance at Live 8 continues. The latest salvo was cast by Damon Albarn, who told the Sun: "The concert was all about raising awareness, but Peter looked like he was having trouble raising his own awareness. He's a mess. I'm starting a campaign to Make Doherty History." Damon has since denied slagging Pete, claiming it must have been some other Gorillaz member. Full story here.

Pete also has unsuccessfully attempted to apologise to Bob Geldof for saying that unwanted advances by Geldof's daughter Peaches were the cause of his Live 8 incapacity. Full story here.

Elton John, meanwhile, has put Pete's Live 8 performance problems down to nerves, saying "I think Pete's immensely talented. He came to Watford and we rehearsed it and it was absolutely tip-top, perfect. I have to be very discreet about what I say, but I just think he was really nervous on the day."

4) Pete the Film Star

Pete is set to star in a documentary for BBC Three entitled So Who The F*** Is Pete Doherty? According to the film's executive producer: "The film covers everything from Pete's arrest to drugs and his romance with Kate. It's sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll. There are scenes where it is quite apparent that he is taking drugs and is high." Speaking about Pete's relationship with Kate, the executive producer says: "We witnessed massive confrontations. But we do have loads of scenes of them loved up together at gigs. It's clear that a day in Pete Doherty's life is a long time." The one-hour special will air on August 28 at 10pm.

5) Pete the Writer

Pete is also expected to add the title of "author" to his CV. According to publishing industry press reports, an unnamed "serious literary publisher" is in the process of engaging Pete to write two books for them: a collection of poetry and a diary. No publications dates have been announced.

6) Pete the Pugilist

Pete has been released on bail following another alleged attack on a reporter. Apparently, trainee Daily Mirror reporter Laurie Hanna was sent to the Boogaloo pub in Archway, North London to get an interview with Pete. Hanna claims he approached Pete and said: "Nice to meet you. I don't want to waste anyone's time but my name's Laurie Hanna, I'm from the Daily Mirror, have you got time for a quick 10-minute chat?" What followed, according to the reporter, was an unsolicited punch in the face. Following police enquires, Pete arrived by appointment at a police station in Tottenham, North London with his lawyer last week, where he was questioned and released on bail until next month. According to an eye witnesses, he was wearing a blazer with no shirt and was seen flicking the V-sign at the waiting photographers. Viva la Pete! Full story here and here.

7) Pete the Born-Again Christian

And finally, in what I rate as possibly the lowest moment yet for Pete, the poor lad has allegedly become a born-again christian upon advice from his old British football hero Dennis Bailey. Full story here.