Breaking News

Antony & the Johnsons have won the Mercury Music Prize. He calls winning it "mad," "bonkers," and "a bit nutty." I guess he's a real brit after all.


Secret Halloween Show

The Knitting Factory has just announced "a Halloween show with a VERY special headlining band." They are not saying who, but they are offering a clue in the form of a secret code that can be deciphered to reveal the band's identity. All they are saying is that it is a band with "two names," which I take to mean with a "two-word name." Here's the secret message for your decoding pleasure:

My adoring fans and enemies alike, welcome to a special missive.
Obstreperously, I come to you, looking forward to the share a secret. Under the guise of a special event that is now underfoot. No, we cant formally announce it! Tis most cheeky to have your guesses, yes? A group so beloved and admired, it is. In October for your listening pleasure, they arrive. No one should miss out.

Get your tickets while you can. Only then will you be able to enjoy their delicious and intimate songs with us. Arriving band will be a tasty treat; so please excuse my trickery. Tickets are on sale; our special band has support from Knit favorites, Morricone Youth. So, here is a capital idea, read carefully between the lines, after a period of time I hope to see you at the show.