Pop Songs Of The Summer

Mojave 3 "Breaking the Ice"

Camera Obscura "Lloyd, I'm Ready to Be Heartbroken"


Mew at Hiro Ballroom

The New York concert event of the year is now on sale. Look for me front and center (I'll be the one with the whiskers).


New Factory Records Design Book

Factory Records the Complete Graphic Album
Factory Records: The Complete Graphic Album, the definitive catalogue of the Factory Records world of design, has just been published in the UK, and will be out in the US soon. It comes not only with the obligatory intro by Tony Wilson, but also with its own FAC # (FAC 461). You can get it here. (As of right now it is one of the best-selling books on all of Amazon UK! I've done my part, you should do yours.)

Peter Saville Video/Sneakers

Adidas has made a very nice, high-quality video of Peter Saville discussing his inspirations and techniques, as well as why he no longer designs record sleeves. This video was created for the Adidas Adicolor campaign.

You can buy a pair of the Peter Saville-designed sneakers here,

Peter Saville sneakers
and the matching jacket here.
Peter Saville jacket

Dirty Pretty Things NY Tickets On Sale

Tickets for two Dirty Pretty Things shows at Bowery Ballroom (August 14 and 15) just went on sale, and are available at Ticketweb. I can't help but think back to The Libertines minus Pete at Bowery, which was only okay, and wonder how these shows could possibly be any better.


What The Bloody Hell?

When I first learned that dear old Pete Doherty was busy painting pictures with his own blood, and that Kate Moss was encouraging him to sell them in one of London's finest galleries, I must admit I was intrigued. In fact, I began to get a bit obsessive (a la Veruca Salt) about how I could get my hands on one. Now that a few of the images have leaked, however, I'm not sure. Not to be too critical, but at a rumoured one thousand pounds each, is this really the best Pete can do...?

Blood painting 1

Blood painting 2

Blood painting 3