A Boy Called Pete

A Boy Called Pete
I love bizarre children's books. "Pretty Pretty Peggy Moffitt," the 1968 picture book starring the real-life mod model (and muse to designer Rudi Gernreich), is on the same level as Hamlet in my house. But what could be better than an illustrated story book about that lovable street urchin Pete Doherty? If you answered "nothing," then start counting the days, because on September 1, "A Boy Called Pete" will be released in the UK, again proving that country's superiority to our own. "A Boy Called Pete" tells the story of a young man named Pete Doherty who plays guitar, dates a model named Kate, and suffers occasional mishaps. It is the latest in a series of child-friendly illustrated pop biographies created by PopJustice.com, a UK music/celebrity website that I must admit has never crossed my radar until now. Other books in the series include the less-enticing "A Boy Called Elton" and "A Girl Called Madonna." I think I will stick with "A Boy Called Pete," at least until they come out with "A Boy Called Sid." You can pre-order "A Boy Called Pete" now at Amazon UK.


Pete Doherty On Jonathan Ross

This weekend Pete Doherty sat down for an extended interview on Jonathan Ross. The interview touches on pretty much everything you would want to know (drugs, Carl, Kate, etc.), and concludes with a great acoustic performance of "Beg, Steal or Borrow." Must viewing for all.

Part 1 of 2:

Part 2 of 2:

By the way, what's up with the Harry Potter scar next to Pete's eye? Is that new?


Les Incompetents' Billy Bell In Critical Condition

Billy Bell of Les Incompetents
Billy Bell, frontman for the wonderful Les Incompetents, is in critical condition from an attack by a stranger on the way home from the band's most recent show in London. Bandmate Stan just posted the following update on Billy's condition:

Today Billy underwent a 5 hour operation, a piece of his skull was removed to relieve pressure on his brain, this was done successfully. However his brain is now very inflamed, this inflamation has spread to the rest of his body.
The next 48 hours are crucial, there are three possibilites. The first is that the inflammation causes him to pass away in the next 48 hours, the second is that he makes it through, in which case he will be in a coma for a considerable time, he may wake up and no longer function properly, he may however also wake up and be ok.
Bill has damage to his brain, the next 48 hours are crucial. Things are touch and go. Essentially billy could pass away.
The doctors say the brain is so complicated that they cannot tell us how likely any of the possibilites are, we just have to wait and see.
Please try to think positively for bill, however irrationally this may sound I cant see this being the end, its just not bill.
We can only hope and pray.
We will keep you updated, and please, respectfully do not come to visit the hospital.
Thank you again for all your messages of support, Im sorry I havent responded to many.
Your kindness is touching at this trying time.

Stan xx

If you still have not heard Les Incompetents' great single "How It All Went Wrong," you can check out the joyous video here.