Les Incompetents, The Automatic & Dirty Little Faces -- Your New Favourite Bands

I don't know about you, but every few weeks (sometimes every few days) I need some new bands to get excited about. So, without further delay, I present you with three of the brightest hopes for 2006...

Les Incompetents
Les Incompetents
London-based six-piece Les Incompetents strike me as Pulp crossed with the Libertines, a delicious cocktail of hooks, energy and humour. You can listen to their majestic new single, How It All Went Wrong, here, or watch the video below:

The Automatic
The Automatic
The Automatic are from Wales, but have recently toured all corners of the UK with The Kooks and The Ordinary Boys. Their first single, Recover, was produced by the legendary Ian Broudie, but was simply good, not great. However, their just-released second single, Raoul, is an instant classic. Listen to Recover here, or watch the video for Raoul below...

Dirty Little Faces
Dirty Little Faces
Dirty Little Faces are another London-based band who count The Libertines among their key influences (along with The Jam, The Strokes, Oasis, The Kinks, The Small Faces and Supergrass). They also cite Ben Folds, but that just seems silly (though I've recently been enjoying Ben's cover of The Cure's In-Between Days). The band just released its first official single, Finding It Hard, this week. You can find additional tracks, including the excellent Picadilly, here.


Blogger lechsinska said...

i would like to let you know. that i think you've got style and taste. i happened upon you as i was google searching something else. but let's be friends.

13/4/06 18:45  
Blogger Hugo said...

Such kind words. Your blog made me laugh (in the best way). I love how each post includes a new photo of yourself. Should be required reading for everyone. Let me know if things ever work out with Visionaire so I can hit you up for free copies.

14/4/06 16:40  
Blogger lechsinska said...

haha. i suppose we'll see what happens. i move to nyc in august and then from there, i will unleash my master plan of taking over the artsy magazine industry.

18/4/06 11:49  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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