Did You Hear The One About Pete Doherty And The Girl From Big Brother?

Every week it seems dear old Pete hits a new low. The latest bombshell is news that Pete cheated on Kate Moss with Nikki Grahame, a "model/dancer" from Middlesex who is part of the current cast of Big Brother UK. Ms. Grahame, who entered the Big Brother house in a revealing pink bunny suit, apparently spent a “night of passion” with the Babyshambles singer back in March.

Doherty met the ridiculous blonde, who describes herself as "funny, ruthless and attractive," in London nightclub Boujis. According to Nikki's ex-flatmate, Pete took Nikki back to his “needle-strewn” flat for a night of love-making and crack-smoking. Nikki’s ex-flatmate says:
“Nikki's a very hygienic person, I'm surprised she stayed there with all the needles and other stuff lying about. She doesn't go into explicit details when she sleeps with someone, but she did tell me she spent the night with him. Afterwards he begged her not to tell anyone because he was still with Kate. She said she didn't know how Kate Moss coped with him. She went with him because he's famous, that's the reason, 100 per cent. Also the fact he was seeing Kate Moss. It was a power trip for her. She knows men think with their willies.”


Wolfgang -- Your New Favourite Robot Pop Star

How often have you wished robots made pop music? Not just pre-programmed, by-the-numbers crap, but real pop music, with feeling and longing and regret and everything that makes music great. I never really thought about it until I came across a new single called Not in Love (Not True) by an artist named Wolfgang, who, from what I can tell, is an actual robot. I really love this song. Wolfgang makes beautiful electropop with just a perfect tinge of robot melancholy. Imagine The Buggles, who were huge, crossed with The Pulsars, who should have been huge. Wolfgang could be bigger than both, especially once Pitchfork starts championing this song and gives it the inevitable four-star review it deserves. At the very least it will be big in Japan. And in Germany. And in Detroit. That's how cool it is. You can hear the song here. Yes, MySpace pages have become so ubiquitous that even even a robot has one now.

Homage To Jose Gonzalez "Heartbeats" Commercial

Fruit drink Tango has come out with a very faithful homage to the Sony Bravia "bouncing ball" commercial. This one also features Jose Gonzalez's Heartbeats.


Have We Got A Video Nasty?

Pete Doherty having some bloody fun with the boys from MTV...