Wolfgang -- Your New Favourite Robot Pop Star

How often have you wished robots made pop music? Not just pre-programmed, by-the-numbers crap, but real pop music, with feeling and longing and regret and everything that makes music great. I never really thought about it until I came across a new single called Not in Love (Not True) by an artist named Wolfgang, who, from what I can tell, is an actual robot. I really love this song. Wolfgang makes beautiful electropop with just a perfect tinge of robot melancholy. Imagine The Buggles, who were huge, crossed with The Pulsars, who should have been huge. Wolfgang could be bigger than both, especially once Pitchfork starts championing this song and gives it the inevitable four-star review it deserves. At the very least it will be big in Japan. And in Germany. And in Detroit. That's how cool it is. You can hear the song here. Yes, MySpace pages have become so ubiquitous that even even a robot has one now.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is awesome! I love robots so I checked out the music. You are right, it is really moving... Also, there seems to be a whole story behind it where the robot is in love with a man. Crazy and beautful stuff...

23/5/06 14:34  
Blogger Hugo said...

Thanks for the feedback. Always good to hear that someone took the time to go and listen to something I've recommended.

By the way, I just received from the amazing Untouched By Work or Duty an advance of the debut Duels album. I think Duels were the first band ever to be featured here, about a year ago, as a "Your New Favourite Band." Half of the songs have already been released as singles, but still very exciting to finally have the finished product. Now if they would only come to New York.

24/5/06 17:58  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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