Free Secret Machines Show

Secret Machines will be playing a free in-store performance at Virgin Megastore Union Square on April 27 at 6pm. You will need to purchase a copy of their new album, Ten Silver Drops, beginning at 9am on April 25th to get a wristband to reserve your space in line.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

so it isnt free

17/4/06 23:16  
Blogger Hugo said...

You can still go to the show, you just may not have the greatest view.

19/4/06 10:40  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

does the secret machines label pay to get listed on all these blogs?

19/4/06 23:21  
Blogger Hugo said...

I wish.

21/4/06 22:59  
Blogger lechsinska said...

i linked you on my blog. even though no one reads it. but you deserve it. have fun at the show.

24/4/06 01:00  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

it's just that i saw them once open for a band and they were so bad that they literally got booed off the stage. and as they walked off, the singer of the secret machines flicked everyone off. classy. so i don't understand how they get so much blogga' love?

24/4/06 20:51  
Blogger Hugo said...

Lechsinska -- I've likewise added a link to your wonderful blog. Thanks.

27/4/06 11:33  
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