Jamie Reid's Dirty Linen

Jamie Reid, the artist who designed the iconic sleeves for The Sex Pistols' Never Mind the Bollocks album and God Save the Queen 7" single (recently voted the best record cover of all time by Q Magazine), has now created a line of bedding called Dirty Linen, featuring his famous Fuck Forever design. Duvet covers are available in Black, Pink, Brown and Blue, and pillowcases are available in Black, Pink, Brown/Orange, Brown and Blue. Pillowcases are £25 each, and duvet covers start at £100. Signed pillowcases are also available for a paltry £250. The full Dirty Linen line is available online here.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tut-tut. I thought you might find a way to post from Germany.

26/8/05 12:13  

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