Wir Sind Helden In The New York Times

Two months and four days ago I wrote about an exciting new band from Germany called Wir Sind Helden. Their pop anthem Nur Ein Wort is a strong contender for single of the year, and yet o so many weeks since I first spread the word, I have not seen a single mention of this band or this incredible song anywhere else. That is, until today. While Pitchfork continues to inform the world of the latest polished turd already in heavy rotation on MTV, leave it to the New York Times (via an article from sister paper the International Herald Tribune) to turn mainstream America on to this German slice of pop heaven. Read the article from today's Business section here.


Anonymous crackerjack said...

Wir sind Helden are huge in Germany and Austria (were I am from) and actually, their true anthem was "Reklamation" (reclamation) with the tag-line "good day, good day I want my life back, because the life you gave me only suits when you bow down". That was a great song.
Their second album is trite pop-shit made for mainstream radio. Nowadays they just bug me, because they are on the radio about every other minute and all their rebellion and protesting is gone.
But I wish them lots of luck on the other side in the USA

28/7/05 11:22  
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