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In a brand new interview with Nick Hornby, when asked what other artists he has gotten into lately, Bruce Springsteen reveals he listens to "all the Britpop stuff, the Stone Roses and Oasis, and I go on to Suede and Pulp." That means he is on track to discover the Libertines sometime around 2012. Full interview here.


Anonymous eddy said...

true, but i kinda got the feeling springsteen was trying to appeal to a british writer/readership and, despite being somewhat behind the times, at least he has *decent* taste in british music. after all, he could have nominated coldplay. besides, you gotta give him credit for covering "dream baby dream"!

20/7/05 16:35  
Blogger Hugo said...

Agreed. Despite the cynical tone of my post, I have to agree that I was pleasantly surprised to learn that Bruce has even heard of Suicide, Pulp, Suede and the Stone Roses. I would love to see Jarvis come out of retirement to open for Bruce on a worldwide stadium tour. It just might be crazy enough to work.

22/7/05 14:30  

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