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Pete at Live 8
It's been a busy week for the world's most lovable troubadour.

The week began with new revelations of Pete's sexual proclivities. The singer told gay lifestyle magazine axm that he used to be a £20-a-time rent boy and said he still fancies men: "F*** it, yeah. I find men beautiful. I find it in their souls and the wisdom they give you." He also told the magazine that he's currently broke: "I've had to cadge taxi fares off paparazzi just to get to places." Full story here.

Pete's fortunes then took a turn for the better, as he and Kate Moss were named the most sought-after couple on Britain's party circuit by the Tattler magazine, beating out royals, aristocrats and last year's hottest couple, Jude Law and Sienna Miller, to head the list. Full story here.

Unfortunately, Fortuna's wheel continued to turn, as he woke the morning of Live 8 to find his car booted, which caused him nearly to miss his performance with Elton John; though perhaps it would have been better if he had never arrived, as he stumbled on stage and was booed for forgetting his words to T-Rex's Children of the Revolution. Despite being booed by 200,000 people, and soundly condemned by the press, event organiser Bob Geldof has tried to put a positive spin on Pete's performance: "I think Doherty and Elton were fantastic. I know there's been a lot of criticism about Pete forgetting his words and stumbling around the stage, but it was undoubtedly a very memorable performance."

Even Pete has resorted to spin control, describing his performance as "wicked" while acknowledging that "everybody has been knocking me and that's put the dampers on it a bit." Pete also has denied that he was late or that his glazed appearance was due to drugs. "I didn't turn up late at all and I wasn't all over the place on drugs. I may have been slightly agitated, but I wasn't on drugs." He did admit having a row with Kate right before the show, but said they soon made up and later watched a repeat of his performance on TV.
Pete & Elton
The most recent reports put the blame for Pete's dazed and confused performance on the shoulders of Bob Geldof's 16-year-old daughter Peaches. "I wasn't lost for words and I wasn't out of it on drugs," Doherty said to the Daily Mirror from the Spanish island of Ibiza. "Just before I went on stage Peaches squeezed my bum hard and whispered something rather suggestive to me. It left me in such shock I didn't know where I was. Bob Geldof has organised this amazing global event, I was facing 210,000 people, the cameras were rolling, and f---ing Elton John is dueting with me," the 26-year-old continued. "And Bob's daughter has secretly made a pass at me. It's all I can think about. It did my head in. I didn't think Bob would be very happy."

Full stories here and here.

Finally, there is a very disturbing report that Pete and Kate have recorded a cover of the Divinyls' I Touch Myself. The couple apparently believe the song will be a big hit as it expresses their "deep love for each other."

If ever there were a time for the Libertines to reunite, this is it.


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