Your Weekly Pete Doherty Fix

Pete fails to turn up for Vogue photoshoot with former Libertines bandmate Carl Barat. Full story here.

While the on-again/off-again saga of Pete and Carl's inevitable reunion never fails to capture my imagination, others are more interested in engaging in a heated debate over the proper pronunciation of Pete's surname.

A bit more insightful is this interview with the Socialist Worker about Pete's involvement in the "anti-capitalist movement." In the interview, Pete talks about how What Katy Did was not written as a Libertines song, but ended up on the band's last album as a peace offering to Carl. Interestingly, it is one of the few Libertines songs that Pete still plays live with Babyshambles, and its sequel, What Katy Did Next, is expected to be one of the tracks on the Babyshambles debut album. For those who do not already know, both songs reference a series of 19th century children's books by Susan Coolidge.


Don't be surprised if the other book in the series, What Katy Did at School, becomes a future Doherty classic.

Meanwhile, Sadie Frost, former wife of Jude Law and best friend of Kate Moss, has refused to invite Pete to a party for fear that his "druggie antics" would spoil the night. According to a friend of Sadie's, "She's all for having a good time but some people go too far." Needless to say, it's the scandal du jour of London society. Full story here.

Finally, NME have confirmed the details of the next Babyshambles single, Fuck Forever. The CD is set to be released on July 25, with b-side Monkey Casino, while the 7” inch will include Black Boy Lane.
The single will also be released in Maxi-CD edition, which will include songs East Of Eden and Babyshambles, along with a short film.


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