In Praise Of Jonathan Coe


The rapier swift Untouched By Work Or Duty has struck again whilst the rest of us good soldiers were sleeping, scoring an exclusive interview with the most exciting figure in literature today, Jonathan Coe. Coe's work is littered with music references, including the title of his greatest work, The Rotters' Club (an album by British prog rockers Hatfield & the North).


Work or Duty's interview provides some extremely interesting and long-overdue insight into Coe's musical leanings. For fans of The Rotters' Club, this interview with Coe regarding the inspiration behind the book is also a must read. The BBC also recently made a miniseries of The Rotters' Club. No word on when (or if) it will be released on DVD, but you can read an episode guide here.

The sequel to The Rotters' Club, The Closed Circle, is now out in the U.S.

Also newly released and highly recommended is Coe's biography of the great experimental novelist B.S. Johnson.

Finally, don't miss Coe's wonderful tale of Thatcher-era England, What a Carve Up!.


Blogger Marlow said...

Well, thank you very much Hugo. You must hear Special Needs' Blue Skies! If ever there was a song written expressly for you, this is the one. "And so I quipped/Sharp quickedy quick/With a wink, and a wig, and a twirl of my walking stick!"

15/6/05 18:00  
Blogger Hugo said...

Yes. Yes.

Funny you should mention Special Needs, as I have been planning a post on them for some time now. Stay tuned.

Yrs, Hugo

16/6/05 09:35  
Blogger Doniette said...

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