Your Weekly Pete Doherty Fix

Pete has confirmed that the eagerly awaited Babyshambles debut album is now completed and calls it "the best record I’ve ever made by a long shot." He also has confirmed that Fuck Forever will be the first single, with the track Albion following soon thereafter.

Pete also has lashed out at his former band, claiming: “Apart from the Sex Pistols, The Libertines were probably the most manufactured band ever. It was just a case of let’s get the best looking people and be as much like The Strokes as possible. That was the idea at the time.”

Doherty also has finally publicly reacted to the recent Max Carlish documentary, Stalking Pete Doherty, calling it a "disgrace."

The full interview can be found here.

Meanwhile, the debate over whether or not Pete has successfully kicked his crack habit continues to percolate. The Mirror reports that Pete is back on crack, including the very disgusting detail that girlfriend Kate Moss made a spliff for him out of a tampon tube. Kate's mum has also put in her two pence, saying that she refuses to go on holiday with "crackhead Pete." Full story here. For his own part, Pete claims: "I did do drugs but that's all in the past now. That's not me any more. My drug is babies now - I love them."

Finally, Pete has taken a swipe at Franz Ferdinand, claiming they stole the riff for Take Me Out from Ringo Starr's 1972 hit Back Off Boogaloo. Full story here.


Blogger EggShen said...

the ringo thing reminds of the whole debate of elasticas 'connection' and wires 'three girl rhumba'. do i smell legal issues?

10/6/05 20:37  

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