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I have enjoyed several moments of extraordinary pride during my many years of service, yet none set my whiskers alight quite as much as receiving the following note from Beth of Trembling Blue Stars, who honoured this humble site and all who frequent it by leaving the following comment last week to an earlier post regarding the band's tour plans:

Hi Hugo, The TBS tour was cancelled because nothing came together basically. The booking agent was told to run with dates before our label (Bar-None) had worked anything else out so it all had to be scrapped. Sad really, I love The Ocean Blue!!! We've not been on SubPop since "Alive to Every Smile" and have since signed to Elefant Records in Spain for the last LP and 2 Eps. Bar-None released the LP in the US, with the first EP (Southern Skies...) tagged on at the end. We tried to sort out having a website, when someone called Jef from The Philippines offered (rather enthusiastically) to do a site for us last year. He went on and on about how he was doing it (I even sent him some money to hold a domain and offered to send more!) and how it's "nearly up" and in the end all we got was a splash page so we gave up trying to have a site and trusting people! Elefant.com has a page on us and bar-none.com has a little page. Better than nothing really. Take care, Beth/TBS

Anyone interested in restoring the band's faith in mankind by offering to make a long overdue Trembling Blue Stars website that is as wonderful as the band itself?


Blogger holmes said...

aw dammit. trembling blue stars are so great. have you heard any of the field mice stuff? all around excellent.

7/6/05 11:45  
Blogger Hugo said...

Yes, I am a huge Field Mice fan; maybe the biggest in the States. All of their records were recently reissued in the UK, if you do not already have them. Best regards.

7/6/05 12:01  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi again!

Well, someone is finally doing our site! www.tremblingbluestars.co.uk (I think!)
Not sure we need one now that we've stopped playing live (played a few miserable gigs on the East Coast of the US a couple of weeks ago)but it was nice of him to do it :) If you have any ideas or photos to send him, he's called Andy and I believe there is a link to contact him on the site.
I like the way Hugo said of the field mice re-issues "if you do not already have them. Best regards." :) LTM have also re-issued two Northern Picture Library CDs which are totally delicious.

Take care!

beth/trembling blue stars

13/10/05 08:59  

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