Mourning Morning Becomes Eclectic

Having never actually listened to KCRW's Morning Becomes Eclectic, I used to live under the blissfully ignorant belief that the show was American radio's last surviving champion of good, cutting-edge music. After reading this article, however, I now understand that I was wrong.

While the very fact that the show is profiled in the New York Times Magazine is strong evidence of its mainstream appeal, the most stinging indictment has to be the show's own playlist, which includes such "favorite" artists as The Blue bloody Nile! Add to that DJ Nic Harcourt's vigorous patting of himself on the back for "discovering" such AAA drivel as Norah Jones, David Gray and Dido, and my whiskers begin to wilt with disappointment. Surely this show is not the best American broadcasters have to offer?

For those of you who really want to discover new music that will make you realise we are living in another 1966-68 or 1989-91 style golden age, I highly recommend listening to BBC6 and DR Barometer (click netradio on the upper right to play, or netradio on the upper left to view the playlist).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

No one in LA actually listens to KCRW or Harcourt. It's boring and pretentious.

You must hear Jonsey's Jukebox with Steve Jones from the Sex Pistols. Best thing on the radio. You can listen to Indie 103.1 online. It's on M-F from 12-2pm PST, and they also rebroadcast the 1st hour at 6pm and the second at 6am.

13/7/05 02:08  

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