My Little Airport -- Your New Favourite Indie-Pop Band

Speaking of the Field Mice, as I so often do, if anyone owns or has heard this record (When I Listen to the Field Mice), please get in touch with me immediately!
My Little Airport
I have heard a couple of other songs by Hong Kong's My Little Airport, and now feel confident in declaring them the next Belle & Sebastian. The song titles alone are brilliant -- such as Edward, Had You Ever Thought That the End of the World Would Come on 20.9.01? -- and the music (Casio, guitar and vocals) has that simple yet wonderful indie-pop quality that has been largely missing from the world since the demise of Sarah Records.


Blogger Jamie S. Rich said...

I haven't yet acquire their "Field Mice" single (and forgot about it until I came back here to post), but on your recommedation, I did get the full-length, and it's quite good. I posted a review to my own blog: http://confessions123.blogspot.com/2005/09/its-just-boy-or-girl-its-not-end-of.html

Apparently album #2 is due this month.

1/9/05 15:49  
Anonymous Rin said...

My Little Airport is amazing! I love their songs. I have all their releases except for that one. :( Did you find that single already? Maybe you can order it from harbour records. I have that song but not the catalog mix. It is pretty amusing.

Also, have you heard of The Marshmallow Kisses (another indie pop duo from Hong Kong)? They also sound like Belle & Sebastian. They are my favorite. :)

23/1/06 03:59  
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