Preston Name Drops Jonathan Coe In The Celebrity Big Brother House

It's day two in the Celebrity Big Brother house, and Preston from the Ordinary Boys is already charming the ladies.
Preston day one
This morning Preston had a scintillating conversation with Page 3 girl Jodie Marsh regarding their respective literary ambitions (both have novels in the works).
Jodie Marsh day one
Upon hearing a description of Jodie's fledgling masterpiece (essentially a fictional account of her life, with particular emphasis on her hatred of tabloid journalists), Preston said it reminded him of something by Jonathan Coe. I don't see the connection, but nevertheless it was fun to hear Preston drop Coe's name.
Maggot day one
All this talk of book-learning was too much for Maggot from Goldie Lookin' Chain, who declared: "I don't even read books, let alone write them."


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