The Young Mod Gift Guide

For the young mod kid who thinks he or she has everything, I propose the following:

Elliott Smith setlist

As a setlist connoisseur, this handwritten Elliott Smith setlist is at the top of my personal wishlist. Available to the highest bidder on eBay.

Elizabeth Peyton

Elliott has been memorialized several times by Elizabeth Peyton, whose portraits are the subject of this new, self-curated retrospective, available at Amazon and other fine booksellers.

London Birth of a Cult

Much harder to find is Hedi Slimane's photographic tribute to Pete Doherty, London Birth of a Cult. Released only a few weeks ago, the book's limited printing of 750 copies is already sold out, though Amazon UK continues to believe otherwise. As someone who expended considerable effort finding a copy of this beautifully-packaged book, I wish you happy hunting.


Perhaps the only man in Britain who can presently lay claim to being more notorious than Pete is Banksy. In the past year, he has gone from being simply the world's most important graffiti artist to being perhaps the world's most important artist period. This newly released monograph, Wall and Piece, beautifully charts that evolution. Available at Amazon UK.

Andy Warhol Canvas Tote

Banksy is quickly becoming this generation's Andy Warhol. Earlier this year, Paul Frank released a series of Warhol-related items which quickly flew off shelves and now sell for a tidy premium on eBay. While several of those pieces were nice, none were quite as attractive as this new series of silkscreened Andy Warhol canvas tote bags from Pop Deluxe.

Murakami tote bags

Speaking of tote bags (as well as this generation's Warhol), you would be wise to snap up these Takashi Murakami flower totes, which are available for a mere $10 here.

Yoshitomo Nara

For those looking to spend a little more, what says "I care" more than a signed copy of Yoshitomo Nara's newest book, Drawing File, which consists of 77 full-page prints, and is available only in Japan, and (of course) on eBay.

Polly Maggoo

Also criminally unavailable in the U.S. (or the U.K. for that matter) is this new 2-DVD reissue of Qui êtes-vous Polly Maggoo? Along with Antonioni's Blowup, this film defines everything that was brilliant about the 1960's world of mod fashion. Often referenced, but rarely seen, now you too can be one of the cool kids. Available at Colette (click "Product List") or from Amazon France.

Serge Gainsbourg DVD

Finally, on the subject of cool things from France, D'autres nouvelles des étoiles, a 2-DVD, career-spanning collection of Serge Gainsbourg videos, is a must. This 80 video set includes the full version of "Histoire de Melody Nelson", as well as what may be the greatest video of all-time, "Bonnie & Clyde" (with Brigitte Bardot).
Available here.


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13/12/05 18:07  
Blogger Gloria said...

I totally agree with you : the Sege Gainsbourg's DVD is a MUST. It's a really good DVD, that show Gainbarre as we like to see him : not the fat alcoolique but the genious songwritter, french pop headmaster^^.

SG is one the best singer we ever had in France, no one could writte songs as good as his'. Nobody can like him be rude ["I want to fuck you" to whitney houston] and magnificient in the same time. Any song can be such a perfect anthem than his "aux armes etc", reggae version from "la marseillaise." [the french anthem] I especially love when he sing with the great brigitte Bardot, sexual songs as "Je t'aime moi non plus" or "69 année érotic" with Birkin. But he remains a fucking wonderful rebel with his "requiem pour un con", incredible fuck too all the nit.

It always stick me to see that gainsbourg is known so far from home, that's cool, really.^^

(I hope you'll understand what I mean, 'cause since I live in France my english is getting worth and worth...)

23/12/05 09:39  
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