Never Mind New Wave, Here's Nao Wave

No doubt you have heard my name mentioned as being the beau-ideal of a soldier, and that not only by friends and admirers like our fellow-townsfolk, but also by old officers of the great wars who have shared the fortunes of those famous campaigns with me. Truth and modesty compel me to say, however, that this is not so. There are some gifts which I lack -- very few, no doubt -- but, still, amid all the vast armies there may have been some who were free from those blemishes which stood between me and perfection. Of bravery I say nothing. But there are other gifts besides bravery which are necessary for a soldier, and one of them is that he should be aware of more than just the latest band du jour in the NME. In this respect I must admit to occasionally being remiss. For example, I spent the 1980s listening to the best new wave artists in England, completely unaware of a host of Brazilian bands working from the same post-punk references. No longer shall I persist in error, however, thanks to a new compilation of the best of these South American new wavers entitled Nao Wave V.A. (Brazil post punk 1982-1988).


As an aid to those brave enough to dip their toe into these heretofore unknown waters, I offer the following chart of band comparisons:


If you are intrigued, the record is available at Other Music, Colette, and other discriminating boutiques.


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