The Field Mice + The Wake = The Occasional Keepers

I have spent the last several days turning over in my mind some most exciting news. It began last Wednesday when Jane Gazzo's Dream Ticket on BBC6 played several songs from a 1990 session by what is probably my favourite band of all-time after the Beatles and the Rolling Stones -- former Sarah Records' greats the Field Mice. In addition to the wonderful performances from the BBC archives, the show also had a brief new interview with Bobby Wratten (the group's main singer/songwriter) about his current projects. On top of working on a new record for his current band, Trembling Blue Stars, Wratten mentioned that he also is collaborating with former Field Mice member Michael Hiscock on a new project called The Occasional Keepers, which will also feature Caesar and Carolyn from former Sarah Records' labelmates The Wake (who also made up part of the Factory Records roster of artists in the 1980s). The resulting record is set to come out on LTM later this year.

LTM is the same label that recently re-issued the full Field Mice catalogue, as well as a DVD of The Wake playing live at Factory Records nightclub The Hacienda in 1984. Perhaps equally exciting is the news that they will also be releasing later this year the entire, expanded works of what was probably the second-best band on Sarah Records, The Orchids.

Trembling Blue Stars, meanwhile, will be returning to New York for what I believe is their first live show here in many years (since their now-legendary show at Brownies approximately five years ago?). They will be playing at the Knitting Factory on May 27 with fellow old school popsmiths the Ocean Blue. Check here for details and tickets.

By the way, does anyone know whether Trembling Blue Stars are still signed to Sub-Pop? It appears that their page on the label's website has not been updated in three or four years.


Anonymous thewicked said...

TBS tour was cancelled:(

5/5/05 19:06  
Blogger Hugo said...

Any idea why?

6/5/05 14:58  
Anonymous Trembling Blue Stars said...

Hi Hugo,

The TBS tour was cancelled because nothing came togher basically. The booking agent was told to run with dates before our label (Bar-None) had worked anything else out so it all had to be scrapped. Sad really, I love The Ocean Blue!!!

We've not been on SubPop since "Alive to Every Smile" and have since signed to Elefant Records in Spain for the last LP and 2 Eps. Bar-None released the LP in the US, with the first EP (Southern Skies...) tagged on at the end.

We tried to sort out having a website, when someone called Jef from The Philippines offered (rather enthusiastically)to do a site for us last year. He went on and on about how he was doing it (I even sent him some money to hold a domain and offered to send more!) and how it's "nearly up" and in the end all we got was a splash page so we gave up trying to have a site and trusting people! Elefant.com has a page on us and bar-none.com has a little page. Better than nothing really.

Take care,

1/6/05 06:26  

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