Here I Dreamt I Was An Alt-Country Rocker

In my humble opinion, the importance of a great band name cannot be overstated. For example, before Colin Meloy learned to channel the ghost of Jeff Mangum and formed the Decemberists, he was the singer/songwriter/guitarist in an alt-country band called Tarkio. Let's face it, my friends, with a name like Tarkio, is it any wonder the band went nowhere? (I have always wondered if the Field Mice were named the Stone Roses, and the Stone Roses named the Field Mice, which band would be more famous today.)

While Tarkio faded into an inevitable cloud of obscurity from which the Decemberists eventually emerged, their records live on, and now are set to be released as a box set by Kill Rock Stars. Details, including a complete discography and lyrics, can be found at Meant for the Stage. You also can download the band's most fully-realised album at You Ain't No Picasso.


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