The People's Poet, Free At Last

I believe I recently recounted to you, my friends, the progress made by Pete Doherty in recording what must be the most anticipated album of the year. You can imagine, then, what a tear of joy it brings to my cheek to hear that Pete is no longer at the mercy of the Bench, and thus may now complete his next masterpiece without fear of incarceration.

Yes. Yes. After much deliberation and thought as to the welfare of its people, the Crown has wisely chosen not to pursue robbery and assault charges against Pete. The charges stemmed from an altercation at the Rookery in London on February 3 with documentarian Max Carlish, who had attempted to blackmail the singer before selling footage of him taking drugs to the Daily Mirror. The incident led to four nights in Pentonville Prison for Pete, and a black eye for Carlish.

The decision not to pursue the charges gives new hope to those of us eagerly awaiting Pete's return to the New York stage, as the impending case forced him to live under a court-enforced curfew that greatly restricted his ability to travel and perform.

Carlish, meanwhile, has been quoted as saying "I'm really relieved for Pete." Those who wish may read more of Carlish's unique brand of doubletalk here.


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