Am I Wry? No

The spring is at hand, my friends. I can see the little green spear-heads breaking out once more upon the chestnut trees, and the cafe tables have all been moved into the sunshine. Yet my heart is warmed even more by events halfway across the world.

Yes. Yes. You who read this, if you have any heart, will feel for a soldier like me, who has gone through so many trials, none more heartbreaking than missing by a single day the only show in New York by Denmark's Mew. I will confess that for a moment I lost heart, and was inclined to throw myself down in my despair, and to cry out that I had been betrayed. The wound has yet to heal completely, but I take some comfort from the announcement of Mew's first live dates in more than a year. Nothing yet in the States, but the band have scheduled a show in Liverpool on May 16, and will be supporting R.E.M. on a handful of dates along the cold shoulder of Scandinavia in June.

Imagine, my friends, the thrill of joy which it shall give us when the greatest band in the whole world arrives again on these shores. The mere thought sends tears down my whiskers.


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