I Predict A Cover

I who speak to you have seen so many battles that my old memory can scarce contain their names, and yet of all the sights and sounds which these eyes and ears have rested upon, there is none more beautiful, I think, than that of a perfect cover. What joy I felt then upon hearing that those cunning rakes known as the Kaiser Chiefs shall be including as a b-side on their next single a version of the Cribs' Another Number. Not exactly a stretch musically, but nevertheless I am confident that this number will be worthy of more than one listen. The a-side will be a remix of Every Day I Love You Less and Less. The other b-sides are new songs Not Surprised, Seventeen Cups, and The Letter Song. Not available in your local Rough Trade until May 16, so until then we shall wax our moustaches and click our spurs and let the ferrules of our scabbards wear out by trailing them along the pavement in the hope that we should all become Lasalles.


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