Coach Station Reunion

I am aware that in the story-books Morrissey and Marr kiss and make up and Brown and Squire live happily ever after, but for my own part, after countless campaigns, I should be very satisfied with a low-key Field Mice reunion at some small venue in Brooklyn. Indeed, nothing could please me better. My word then, what a treat it must be for those poor lads in Sheffield, who have so little to brighten their dull lives, to see that Liverpool's second-finest, The La's, will be gracing the stage of the Leadmill this June in what will be their first show since the taking of Harlesden in 1991. Both Mavers and Power will strap on their old instruments and toss their saucy heads, doubtlessly sending the blood dancing through the schoolboys' veins. Yes, yes, my friends, if only I could be there. But the roads are detestable and the drink is not to my tastes.


Blogger Marlow said...

You didn't mention Anderson and Butler. Must we forget about The Tears? According to interviews throughout the years, Lee Mavers has written many songs as good as "There She Goes." We'll see about that.

I'm glad you're here, Hugo.

25/3/05 13:56  
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