Power, Corruption & Lies -- The Latest Exploits Of Peter Saville

I believe that I have mentioned to you my admiration for Peter Saville. It causes me great sadness to think that my lapel bears the Cross of Valour while his many accomplishments continue to go unrecognized by the Queen. Thus, it was with some great interest that I read of his latest exploits today in The Herald, including the fact that he has been commissioned to design the "station identity" for Al Gore's soon-to-be-launched television news channel. Also of interest is Tony Wilson's description of the numerous meetings conducted at Factory Records where he and others seriously considered hiring a hitman to kill Saville. Wilson also claims that it was he, and not Saville, who designed the famous gig poster known as FAC4, even though Saville lists it as his own in his latest monograph. These tidbits are but a taste. The entire article is worth reading, and may be found here for a limited time.


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