What A Waster

Serge Pizzorno, guitarist for the overblown and overhyped British rock band Kasabian, has weighed in on the impending nuptials of Pete Doherty and Kate Moss. Seems Serge had dreamed of forming a connection with Kate "since I was a kid", but failed to make a lasting impression on the supermodel when the two met last year. Serge claims he "had an 'enjoyable' evening with a 'nice' young lady," but now is glad things did not work out:

"That poor kid, Pete Doherty's going to marry her. All I can say is good luck to him. He can have her. Because, otherwise, I think she'll be looking for a man for the rest of her life but I don't know if she will find him."

Meanwhile, Serge has signed on with the Elite Modelling Agency and is working on a new album that promises to sound like "Dr. Who meets Black Sabbath." Cannot help but be an improvement on their current record, which sounds like E.L.O. meets Skid Row.

As for Doherty and Moss, the latest news is that Pete has packed his bags and is now living in Kate's mansion in rural Oxfordshire, England.


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