More Stellastarr* Secret Show Madness?

Some small controversy erupted over my previous revelation that The Ligers, scheduled to play Bowery Ballroom on 20 May, were in fact Stellastarr* playing under a nom de guerre. Rest assured that I betrayed no confidences in bringing this information to the public. Indeed, I must confess that I did not view Stellastarr* headlining Bowery as a real stretch, and was somewhat disappointed that The Ligers was not the pseudonym of someone a tad bit more exciting (e.g., New Order, Oasis, White Stripes, Coldplay, etc.).

But now comes news that The Ligers are scheduled to play a much smaller venue next Friday the 13th. Assuming that these Ligers are the same as those scheduled to play at Bowery the following week -- i.e., Stellastarr* -- then this show promises to be something very exciting. I will leave it to you to deduce the location, but it should not be too difficult. As someone who is still kicking himself for not seeing Stellastarr* at Luxx a couple of years ago, you may rest assured that I will not be missing this show.


Blogger Hugo said...

Note that the band has apparently changed its secret name to Panache for this show.

13/5/05 15:51  
Blogger TB said...

I am kicking myself FOR seeing them the other night at the Bowery. This band is fucking terrible.

23/5/05 10:18  

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